Give Yourself Peace of Mind Knowing That You’re Prepared for the Future

Give Yourself Peace of Mind Knowing That You’re Prepared for the Future

Get help planning for your estate from Drissman Law PLLC in West Bloomfield

Creating a plan for what will happen to your assets or how your loved ones will be cared for is the best way to protect your legacy. Ensuring you’re wishes are carried out is accomplished through five major documents that Drissman Law PLLC can help you create:

1. Last Will and Testament: This is an excellent tool for simple requests and the only document that allows you to choose who will make legal and financial decisions and care for your minor children.
2. Trust: This document lets you attach strings to an inheritance, giving you peace of mind that your loved ones will spend your money as you see fit.
3. Durable Power of Attorney: If you’re incapacitated, this document ensures that a person you trust will make legal decisions for you.
4. Durable Power of Attorney – Patient Advocate: This allows your loved one to make medical decisions for you if you’re incapacitated.
5. HIPPA Release Form: Without creating this document you will have to be consulted whenever you want your doctor to update your loved ones.

At Drissman Law PLLC in West Bloomfield, we will take this general plan and tailor it to fit your needs, excluding unnecessary documents to save you time and money. Schedule an initial consultation today to begin planning for your future sooner rather than later.

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